A number of you probably have learned of the passing of Ken Barrett (pictured at left), who died at the age of 65 on October 6. Ken had been suffering from serious health problems for some time; sadly, both of his legs had been amputated due to diabetes.

For the first decade after Congress passed the Liability Risk Retention Act in 1986, no one in the U.S. reinsurance industry would touch RRGs. Thankfully, that was not the case in London, where Ken spent most of his working life. This is where Ken jumped in to help.

Not only did he convince the company he worked for, Besso Re, to become an active member of NRRA and to sponsor the organization, he reached out to his counterparts at Lloyd’s and encouraged them to do the same.

For at least the past quarter-century, Ken was one of NRRA’s most ardent and loyal supporters. Among other things, he was very helpful in finding speakers for various NRRA events.

Ken was a well-loved member of the industry. He also was a real go-getter when it came to business: He spent a lot of time in the States pursuing clients and attending NRRA and captive insurance events around the country.

As a sign of NRRA’s recognition of his lifetime contributions, he was presented with the Karen Cutts Award at our 2018 National Conference.
Ken, you will be missed. May you rest in peace.

Warmest regards,
Joe Deems

Joe Deems
 has been the executive director of the National Risk Retention Association since 2011.