Presentation webinar scores overwhelmingly positive ratings

NRRA’s opening webinar unveiling its COVID-19 RRG Industry Resources proved to be a much-needed and sought-after antidote for RRGs struggling to learn how to cope with what has been a mountain of complex and inconsistent state executive orders, legislation, and other rule-making. Those measures attempt to “regulate” the response of the insurance industry to the effects of the pandemic. 

The half-hour webinar, which was held on May 26, 2020, was open to the public to attend. While direct access to NRRA’s comprehensive Library Grid of Covid 19 State Orders is limited to NRRA members, the webinar walked all attendees through the necessary steps to gain access to the grid. The grid contains approximately 152 different orders and documents from all 50 states, which are linked, described, and subjected to comments from the NRRA Government Affairs Committee (GAC) COVID-19 Task Force regarding how they will or will not apply to RRGs.

As explained by NRRA Executive Director Joe Deems, who moderated the 30-minute webinar, “The preparation by our GAC Task Force of volunteers was genuinely superb, because they built the platform to appeal to our actual audience. The presenters anticipated all of the audience concerns and questions. Prior to the webinar, they spent two months preparing the content and then built an HTML presentation that was comprehensive, well thought-out, and technologically user-friendly.” He added, “The presentation represented a harmonic convergence of preparation, quality, quantity, and brevity.”

The GAC and its Task Force have been working on an ongoing educational program designed to help NRRA member RRGs avoid negative regulatory impact from preempted activities in violation of the LRRA. (Go to

As part of that effort, NRRA presented its half-hour webinar, which featured…

Heather Ross is the Vice-president of Regulatory Compliance for Risk Services, Inc. Heather volunteered to serve as the team leader of the GAC COVID-19 Task Force. She undertook the process of plowing through literally hundreds of state orders in order to edit the list down to approximately 152 that might implicate RRGs in this national digest of complex and inconsistent rule-making. During the webinar, Heather explained the Library Grid of COVID-19 State Orders and the creation of associated usage notes provided in the grid.
Tim Herr is General Counsel for Recreation RRG and serves as its principal risk management officer. He also is chairman of NRRA’s Website Committee. Tim worked extensively with the Task Force to develop and build the resource tool in which this morass of state rulemaking was condensed into a user-friendly platform that makes performing research on COVID-19 orders easy. During the seminar, Tim provided viewers with preliminary instructions on how to access the new tools available to NRRA members on the grid.


The subsequent survey NRRA sent to the webinar attendees returned with an overwhelming 83% overall approval rating.

Joe Deems emphasized that “while not everyone on the Task Force got to talk during the webinar, credit for this entire enterprise goes to all its members: Jerry Yoshida (Goodsill Anderson, HI), Patti Pallito (Aon), Deborah Gambone (Aon), Heather Ross (Risk Services), and Derick White (SRS).” Look for follow-up events being planned to enhance these valuable tools for NRRA members.

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