The 2017 NRRA Conference is scheduled to take place at the beautiful Sofitel Magnificent Mile in Chicago on Sept. 26-28. The theme of this year’s conference – Business to Business: The NRRA Edge – was developed with our many sponsors in mind. In creating this year’s program, the NRRA Conference Committee will offer risk retention group practitioners a glimpse into the future AND create a space for insurance industry professionals to converse, learn, and make deals happen.For past, current, and prospective donors, sponsoring the 2017 NRRA Conference offers several advantages. It is an opportunity to:

  • Do Business: The insurance industry is changing. Soft market conditions and artificial intelligence stand to put pressure on multiple industries. Future success – and perhaps survival – might depend on the relationships or deals you make now.
  • Have Your Voice Heard: NRRA sponsors often are invited to become panelists during the conference. This allows you to show what you know by providing insight into issue facing the industry.
  • Feature Your Company: Imagine walking off stage and having someone approach you to say, “Wow, I am impressed by you and your company. Can I get a card?”
  • Make a Difference: NRRA is “The Place for All Things RRG.” In sponsoring our conference and sharing your knowledge, you can help others build successful businesses, assure the success of the RRG industry, and provide de facto support for NRRA’s effort to protect the Liability Risk Retention Act. In short, there’s a lot of upside for businesses that sponsor the annual NRRA Conference.

 To learn more about NRRA Conference sponsorship, visit our website                                                                                  or call Executive Director Joe Deems at 818-995*-3789.