Experience Everything Membership Delivers

“Our industry NEEDS NRRA to fight battles both in the courtroom and among regulators who are are hostile to risk retention groups”
Jon Harkavy
Risk Services, LLC

Member Benefits

The availability of risk retention alternatives may be the most revolutionary event in 100 years of insurance. Because self-insurance is such a complex field unfolding with great speed, and because risk retention offers unprecedented opportunities for liability risk sharing, many businesses value the benefits and financial rewards of NRRA membership.

Newly formed RRGs receive:

  • FREE NRRA membership for the first year
  • FREE one-year subscription to the Risk Retention Reporter
  • FREE copy of the Risk Retention Directory


All Members receive:

  • Regulatory intervention and education from our Government Affairs Committee
  • Our expanded membership that includes a multitude of service providers with numerous specialties, as well as captive managers and reinsurers, provides significant business opportunities to connect and network with RRG and PG peers and experts.
  • Lower member rates to attend the NRRA Annual Conference
  • 25% discount on all ICCE courses
  • Member e-newsletters and website headlines announcing breaking industry news
  • Your corporate employees receive all the benefits of membership at no additional charge

Who Should Join NRRA ?

Any person or organization whose business may benefit from knowledge of the dynamic

risk retention industry, including:

  • Risk Retention Groups (RRGs)
  • Purchasing Groups (PG)
  • Captive management companies
  • Reinsurance companies
  • Insurance consultants
  • Accounting firms
  • Actuaries
  • Claims management and adjusting firms
  • Risk management companies
  • Law firms
  • Insurance companies
  • Other Companies that provide services to RRGs and PGs
  • Educational institutions with insurance-related curricula, and their qualified students.  
  • Financial Institutions 

Member Categories and Dues

NRRA has the following member categories, so you may choose the one that is right for you.

  • Risk Retention Groups
    • Membership includes the RRG and all direct employees of the RRG.
    • DUES: Based on Annual Gross Written Premium and start at $900/year.
  • Service Providers (other than Captive Managers or Reinsurers)
    • There are four types of members who pay the service provider fees: service providers, agents and brokers, self-insured groups, and financial institutions (banks). The dues for all of those are $2,100 per year.
    • Membership includes the service provider company as well as all direct employees of the service provider company.
    • DUES: $2,100/year
    • Please note, a portion of membership dues is tax deductible as a business expense. The estimated non-deductible portion of your dues to be expended on lobbying efforts is 30%.  For more information regarding Federal Law, please contact your tax adviser.
    • Cancellation Policy: Membership dues are non-refundable
  • Purchasing Groups
    • Membership includes the PG and all direct employees of the PG.
    • DUES: New Member: $350/year and Renewing Member: $500/year
  • Captive Manager
    • Membership includes the captive management company and all direct employees of the captive management company, but does not extend to client RRGs or employees of client RRGs.
    • DUES: Based on number of RRG clients and begin at $2,100/year.
  • Reinsurer
    • Membership includes the reinsurance company as well as all direct employees of the reinsurance company.
    • DUES: $4,250/year
  • Educational Institutions
    • Colleges and universities that have academic programs geared to the insurance industry — i.e., mathematics, actuarial, risk management, underwriting, etc. — pay dues of $1,000 per year.
    • Subject to approval by the NRRA executive office, colleges and universities participating in the Collegiate Research Insurance Shadow Program (CRISP) can join the NRRA for free.
    • Qualified students in any NRRA-member educational institution who are undertaking studies in the abovementioned majors can participate in NRRA (with limited benefits compared to full NRRA members).
    • Up to the age of 30, young alumni from the abovementioned educational institutions can participate in NRRA for $250 per year.
    • Qualifications for CRISP-participating schools and young alumni are subject to review by the NRRA executive office.