Welcome to the new year. We capped-off 2021 with NRRA’s successful in-person conference in Chicago in November and are now back at work.

Building on the conference theme, “In Person. In Depth. In Vision.” NRRA intends to continue to use the momentum of the Conference and NRRA-designed events, legislative wins, NAIC rule-making and amicus curiae court victories to set the stage for the years to come. As a practical matter, there is never sufficient time in even a successful captive industry conference to fully explore all that NRRA accomplished these past 22 months.

The following is a brief overview of how this will work:


Mark Your Calendar – NRRA’s 2022 RRG Leaders Summit (Summit)

This event, scheduled for March 15, 2022 at the Sofitel in Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, is designed to be our next in-person event. The Summit is a one-day, invitation-only, non-solicitation event for RRG executives where they share ideas, successful management and defense strategies and receive exclusive information of the NRRA vision and our ongoing strategies that are changing the industry. Our last three Summit events, including our record attendance virtual meeting in February of 2021, produced new and different strategic program ideas which helped develop our content at the annual conference.

Our 2022 Summit will be center around RRG Opportunities & Challenges in Today’s Market and will feature content that we started developing this past year. Please keep watching our website to get updated details, as we hope to have registration materials available here shortly.

Get Involved with our New NRRA-in-VISION Series

There are so many developments to explore. We are also looking for monthly speakers to talk about them in our NRRA-in-VISION Series.

NRRA is in the process of lining-up knowledgeable NRRA sponsors, members and other experts to participate in a regular program to discuss a series of topics. Depending on the topic and the degree of work-product or expertise involved, some of these talks will be available to the public and some only available to NRRA members. We plan to develop the frequency of the sessions based on participation and interest but will begin with one session per month, scheduled at regular times and designed as short educational sessions. Below, listed in no order of importance, is just a partial list of topics we hope to cover based on NRRA accomplishments despite the pandemic, pending speaker and resources availability. A couple of these will also come up during some of our planned round table discussions among RRG executives during the RRG Leaders Summit. 

    • Deep dive into the evolution of different RRG types and strategies since 1986.
    • RRG defense strategies to avoid nuclear verdicts, i.e., social inflation.
    • Creation of non-liability insurance products available to RRGs.
    • Creative uses of the RRG strategy – growing new RRG formations.
    • NRRA’s program for adding valuable capital for operations.
    • RRGs’ critical premium growth despite the pandemic.
    • The new NAIC initiatives: RRG Best Practices, FAQs, and new model registration form incorporating the correct application of the Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA).
    • NRRA’s extensive study of illegal states registration violations currently under review by the NAIC.
    • Defeating states efforts to double-charge premium taxes to purchasing groups, in violation of Dodd Frank.
    • The NRRA-designed strategies that persuaded Iowa and Washington (among others) to abandon and/or modify legislation applying illegal registration procedures for RRGs.
    • North Carolina’s 2021 Illegal Registration Renewal form and others.
    • How NRRA’s massive Library Grid of potentially adverse COVID-19 State Orders caused various states to back-down in enforcing them upon RRGs.
    • How and why NRRA’s amicus curiae program changed the legal landscape with litigation strategies used successfully by NRRA members – how you can do the same.

    The events of the last 22 months have taught us that there exists a broad interest in these types of content, but the specific interest level can often be frustrated by various factors: including availability, time, and depth of presentation. By creating a platform of in-person events, in-depth presentations where content is so important, and in-vision presentations for everyone to take advantage of at times convenient for them, NRRA will expand the educational experience that it remains best equipped to offer.

    Let us know how you would like to become involved. It is important to you, to us, and to your industry. Please direct your responses to info@riskretention.org or click here for a one-on-one meeting with Joe Deems, NRRA’s Executive Director.

    Save the date for NRRA’s 2022 National Conference

    The 2022 National Conference, set for November 1-3, 2022 at the Sofitel in Chicago. NRRA has the vision to help you get there with us.
    To see our report on the 2021 November Conference, click here. And for further in-depth coverage of last year’s events and industry growth from the Risk Retention Reporter, click here.